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"You are my friend, Tony. I want to keep you alive."


Heroes United (x)

papukadex said:

 deep breathes. im trying also stay calm.

I am off the wall excited for this preview. I have refused to read any articles/listen to that audio post that’s been going around. obviously i have seen a few things by scrolling through tumblr’s nothing that will destroy the experience 

I really want to see gotg at midnight, but my fam is supremely excited for this movie. (which is rare when it comes to marvel movies) …So I decided to see it with them on friday night instead

But I am freaking this is the first marvel movie I have no seen at midnight since idk when


"you can’t ship that, that character has canon interaction with the opposite sex"

Seriously contemplating making a gif for every second of the Marvel: Heroes United movie because there are too many priceless moments



  • why does the red skull sometimes have a british accent and then suddenly remember he’s german again
  • "a glorified trash can lid" excuse me tony stark that is made of vibranium and you know it
  • "i hope you like pushups, tony. i see a lot of them in your future." steve r u suggesting ur a dirty bottom
  • steve is literally CREAMING tony what a shitbag i love it
  • "guard those pretty nosehairs"
    G U A R D  T H O S E  P R E T T Y  N O S E H A I R S
    who WRITES this shit????
  • "you’re my friend, tony. i wanna keep you alive." SWEETIE BABE SUGAR PIE HONEY BUNCH JUST TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM
  • this animation is so fuckING BAD
  • what is this weird HYDRA skype session i don’t have time for this
  • cap’s run is so aggressive he just CHARGES everywhere he goes like a raging bull
  • imagecaption: ”oh christ i’ve left the iron on”

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